Valkyrie's Kiss

The Thaw

The story so far

Norway 842AD, Winter has been long and hard, As provisions are running low, the snow finally starts to melt, letting way for messengers to continue on with the political turmoil of the previous year. The young men are eager to start preparing their longships for the coming raids, their blades eager to quench the thirst of blood. The ravens yearning for the feasts that will lay in their wake. Our karls find them selves in Rosendal and are also eager to forge their own sagas.

Over the Winter Jarl Erik Hamlson‘s Father Haml Rafterson the Black has died of his injury’s of the previous summers raids. On his return to Rosendal he has also lost two longships carrying the bulk of his warriors. This is a huge setback for the young Jarls new reign.

The neighboring kingdoms are already hashing plans to take the scraps of fate.


ryan_whitcome ryan_whitcome

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